SVG to GIF Conversion

Problems with SVG? We have a solution!

Most people face difficulties when using SVG. So, now we are offering a service to convert your SVG banner to animated GIF, as it is much easier and convenient to use GIF in many cases!

Just fill out the form below and don't forget to attach your SVG files. You will be redirected to the checkout page where you can pay for this service.

Why does this cost 4,99 $ ?

To generate a GIF, especially from SVG, is very hard on ressources. In our case we couldn't find a solution which we could offer on this website. But, we found a solution how to generate it manually offline.

As this is a very complex process, it requires time to do this. We have the certain tools and knowledge how to accomplish this. Don't look any further!

What do I get for my money?

We will generate a GIF banner which has 12 frames per second. This is a great optimum between file size and animation quality. You can see an example below.



Webbanner24 Logo

As you may see, the GIF banner has a file size of 529 KB. Most image hosters or online forums only allow GIF files which don't exceed 1 MB..

If you don't care about file size, but want to have better quality, we can increase the frame rate which will make animations smoother but also file size increases.

You can give us a notice about the desired file size when ordering a GIF banner. If you have an already generated SVG banner which you want to have as GIF, you can use the form below to order.

Furthermore we will upload your GIF banner and give you links to implement your GIF banner on forums, websites, blogs, and so on.

Please note, that we can can't convert SVG banners to GIF which have been created before the introduction of this service on the 19.06.2014!

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